Decision Intelligence is a skill that Data Scientists will need in building ethical Artificial Intelligence systems

Back in March 2018, Google appointed their first ever Chief Decision Scientist in Cassie Kozyrkov. One of the responsibilities of the Chief Decision Scientist was training many of Google’s employees in Decision Intelligence, a set of skills that are increasingly important as Artificial Intelligence systems become a more prominent feature of Google’s business model. In this article I want to give a brief overview of Decision Intelligence and how I think the Data Scientist role will evolve as Decision Intelligence becomes more widely adopted.

What is Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is a new discipline that is all about making good decisions when using data…

Understand how racial and gender biases in artificial intelligence systems occur and how to address them

In April 2019, New York University’s AI Now Institute released a report on the impact of bias in artificial intelligence systems. About 12 months later, you might remember the Twitter the storm caused when a pixelated image of Barack Obama was turned into a higher resolution image of the former president by an AI model. Except the model returned a high-resolution image of a white man when it was given a pixelated image of a black man. This is a classic example of the bias The AI Now Institute detailed in that NYU report. As we increasingly integrate artificial intelligence…

This has to be the biggest WWDC we’ve seen in a while, right?

We are about a month away from WWDC21, Apple’s conference focused on developers. There’s been a lot of maneuvering at Apple over the last couple of years that make me more excited about this year’s WWDC than any other I can remember. So here I want to talk about the five things I hope to see at WWDC this year.

I’ve intentionally not been paying attention to the leaks — I’m not a huge fan of the leak culture around tech companies, particularly Apple but that’s a story for another day. …

Hi there, Debbie

That was a very interesting read indeed. I've been more focused on giving up dairy before meat because of the repeated cruelty to animals. My vegan friend made me aware of the fact that milk necessarily comes from pregnant animals which are then separated from their calves.

Anyway, my name is Rugare, I’m the editor of Food Love Stories, a new publication here on Medium dedicated to telling compelling stories about food and drinks.

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I’ve tried HelloFresh this week and I have some thoughts

The meal-kit delivery service HelloFresh seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Every other podcast episode I listen to seems to be sponsored by HelloFresh. The first time I heard about this service, it wasn’t available in the UK so I largely ignored it. As someone who loves to cook, I have been tempted to try it out since it made its way to England. Recently a friend of mine offered me a promo code to get a discount on my first box from HelloFresh. I took her up on that offer — I couldn’t ignore it anymore.


A nice unexpected surprise for creating engaging content

April was a largely slow month on the writing front for me. I was very busy with work in my other life as a Ph.D. student so I never got the time to write as much as I wanted to. I got through it largely by writing about what interested me most and what I know best as it required less time to prepare. I normally check on my Medium Partner Program earnings a few times a month — I barely did that in April. …

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What’s it really like?

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve had iPhone 12 mini and I’ve been largely happy with it. The form-factor is just what I was looking for, and there’s little compromise on specs and performance. Recently though, a few things have come to light that made me rethink if I’d get an iPhone mini again or if I’d recommend it to anyone today. Here are 4 notes on my experience with the iPhone 12 mini — positive and negative.

Note #1: The battery life is a worry

We have started to loosen up restrictions here in the UK as the vaccine roll-out picks up pace. Suddenly, the major…

A significant update for a point release

As far as point updates go, iOS 14.5 is packed with a lot of features. We often see minor bug fixes and small tweaks with the updates between the major fall releases. With this update though, your iPhone experience will be noticeably better. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most impactful updates and features Apple has introduced here. Let’s start with the new privacy feature.


Apple has a good track record of protecting the privacy of its customers. Remember the time where they went against the FBI who requested a backdoor into a suspect’s iPhone…

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