Decision Intelligence is a skill that Data Scientists will need in building ethical Artificial Intelligence systems

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Back in March 2018, Google appointed their first ever Chief Decision Scientist in . One of the responsibilities of the Chief Decision Scientist was training many of Google’s employees in Decision Intelligence, a set of skills that are increasingly important as Artificial Intelligence systems become a more prominent feature of Google’s business model. In this article I want to give a brief overview of Decision Intelligence and how I think the Data Scientist role will evolve as Decision Intelligence becomes more widely adopted.

What is Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is a new discipline that is all about making good decisions when using data…

Understand how racial and gender biases in artificial intelligence systems occur and how to address them

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In April 2019, New York University’s on the impact of bias in artificial intelligence systems. About 12 months later, you might remember the Twitter the storm caused when a pixelated image of Barack Obama was turned into a higher resolution image of the former president by an AI model. . This is a classic example of the bias The AI Now Institute detailed in that NYU report. As we increasingly integrate artificial intelligence…

Choosy offers a more seamless way to dynamically switch between browsers

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As with most things in this life, there is no perfect web browser. On macOS, Apple’s Safari browser probably offers the best overall user experience. The got a big upgrade with macOS Big Sur, Apple claim it’s faster than any other browser, and we now get 4K support and translate functionality. However, Safari still has its issues. The number of available plugins is way below that offered by Chrome. And besides that, people plugged into the Google ecosystem might just prefer to use Chrome.

If you are a MacBook user, you’ll know Chrome is notorious for…

How to optimize your time to produce more content

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For the longest time, I put off starting my content creation business because of this fallacy that I don’t have the time. What I really meant without realizing it was I hadn’t optimized the time I had to invest in making content online.

At the end of 2020, I started my journey as a freelance writer on Medium and Fiverr, then launched a YouTube channel a few months after that. At the same time, I was starting full-time Ph.D. study which was always going to be priority number one. I certainly don’t have everything figured out but I have learned…

Change default PDF readers, music application, and more in macOS Big Sur

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Changing default applications in macOS is one of the little quirks new users have to adapt to. I suspect the vast majority of macOS users will never change any of these settings, which is probably what Apple is hoping for. You do have the option to change the default application for virtually any file type, though. In this short article, I will show you how to change the default web browser, email client, plus just about any application you like. I’ll start with the easy one, web browsers.

Changing the default web browser

Apple made this fairly intuitive, fortunately.

System Preferences > General > Default…

Some glaring omissions from the UK government’s report on racism in the UK

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In March 2021, the was released by the UK government. The report had the goal of identifying the causes of racial and ethnic disparities in the UK and offering some recommendations to address them. The report came under fire as soon as it was published because of the conclusions. Particularly, the conclusion that institutional racism in the UK no longer exists and we should be an example to other European states and the rest of the world caused a stir.

I don’t think the entire thing is nonsense. For example, the UK has…

The little-understood phenomenon of springtime fatigue and how you can overcome it

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Spring is a time when nature is shaking loose the icy fingers of winter — the days are a little longer and the flowers a little brighter. I couldn’t understand then, why I had been feeling more tired than ever. I lost motivation to do one of my favorite activities — running, and I wasn’t enjoying watching my favorite professional sports in tennis and football. It felt like I was in the early phase of a cold or flu infection but it never progressed beyond that. It turns out I might have been suffering from a phenomenon some people experience…

Apple’s vision for macOS means no touchscreen Macs — for now

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The touchscreen Mac has to be one of the most persistent Apple product rumours I can remember. The conversation around Apple developing a touchscreen Mac restarted when macOS Big Sur was announced at WWDC 2019. A lot was going on with Big Sur but people noticed the seemingly more touch-friendly design notes. iOS inspired Control Centre and icon packs seemed to point to Apple prepping macOS for an upcoming touchscreen Mac. Apple quickly pulled the graphic…

Increase the utility of an underrated macOS feature

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I think SideCar is one of the great underrated features of macOS. SideCar was introduced with macOS Catalina in late 2019 — it essentially allows you to use your iPad as a secondary display without the need for a third-party app. SideCar works with Macs from 2016 or later, and Apple Pencil compatible iPads. During a time when many people may not have access to their multi-display setups, SideCar can be a great feature to increase screen real estate on Macs. This article is about getting the most out of this fantastic feature that too few people utilise.

Setting up SideCar

There are…

Get maximum value out of college by prioritising networking and personal development

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I have been in and around higher education in England for the last decade or so. I started my undergraduate degree in Biosciences in 2012 in London, then I worked as an academic assistant after graduating. After two years in that role, I moved on to my Master’s degree in Sheffield, then PhD study in Liverpool where I am now. In that time I have learnt a lot about the value of a college education — more specifically, that first degree. I think too many people put too much focus on the educational aspect of college. I would argue this…

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