Decision Intelligence is a skill that Data Scientists will need in building ethical Artificial Intelligence systems

Back in March 2018, Google appointed their first ever Chief Decision Scientist in Cassie Kozyrkov. One of the responsibilities of the Chief Decision Scientist was training many of Google’s employees in Decision Intelligence, a set of skills that are increasingly important as Artificial Intelligence systems become a more prominent feature of Google’s business model. In this article I want to give a brief overview of Decision Intelligence and how I think the Data Scientist role will evolve as Decision Intelligence becomes more widely adopted.

What is Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is a new discipline that is all about making good decisions when using data…

Understand how racial and gender biases in artificial intelligence systems occur and how to address them

In April 2019, New York University’s AI Now Institute released a report on the impact of bias in artificial intelligence systems. About 12 months later, you might remember the Twitter the storm caused when a pixelated image of Barack Obama was turned into a higher resolution image of the former president by an AI model. Except the model returned a high-resolution image of a white man when it was given a pixelated image of a black man. This is a classic example of the bias The AI Now Institute detailed in that NYU report. As we increasingly integrate artificial intelligence…


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A Silent Feast By Ravinder Kaur

The Top 5 Foods I Would Recommend to New Americans by Anna

The iPad Pro productivity accessories I cannot do without

Lately, I’ve been using my iPad about as much as I use my MacBook Pro 16-inch. Where I have the option, I’ll choose the iPad Pro just because it’s a more enjoyable experience for me. However, the only way I get any kind of productivity out of the iPad Pro is with the help of a handful of powerful accessories.

Despite being incredibly expensive, the iPad Pro as a standalone device is only half the product. I can’t imagine doing anything besides watching and reading content without the accessories I’m going to write about.

Here are the accessories I can’t…

We now know what Apple really makes of the iPad Pros

I recently wrote an article arguing why someone would be better off with an iPad Pro over an M1 MacBook Air. Since then, we’ve had the long-anticipated WWDC21. This was the unveiling of features in upcoming versions of Apple’s operating systems. Even though that event was disappointing from an iPadOS perspective, I still think that article is valid. Creating some types of content on iPad Pro is still better than on MacBooks, the iPad Pro still has bigger and better sensors, and the iPad Pro is still a more versatile device than a MacBook.

I always planned to present the…


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Editor picks

The viral story of the week is Mark Chu’s “To Combat Inflammation in My Body, I Eat Two Superfoods and Avoid Three”. It’s no surprise that this post has really resonated with readers on Medium — its a very compelling read. If you haven’t already, check it out here.

Next, I want to highlight…

From someone who has made the mistake too many times — stay away from beta software

By this point, anyone interested will know Apple revealed the next versions of their operating systems at WWDC21. New features in iOS 15 include better notification management, FaceTime upgrades and a redesigned Safari web browser. macOS Monterey got the very impressive looking Universal Control, Safari updates and more. iPadOS 15 delivered the Home Screen widgets we all wanted in iPadOS 14 and a new way to quickly write notes with Apple Pencil among other features. As you’d expect, there was plenty of operating system updates unveiled at this keynote.

You might know that you can get early access to all…

Yet again the iPad Pro is far more powerful than the software powering it — but why?

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2021 is well underway and it kicked off with the usual keynote. Apple traditionally announce all the new software features they’ll be shipping in the fall, and occasionally some hardware is announced too. My biggest interest this year was with iPadOS. I’ve been loving the iPad Pro more than usual since I got the Magic Keyboard, and I was excited to see what Apple had planned for iPadOS 15.

The release of M1 iPad Pros earlier this year hinted at something significant coming to iPadOS. It’s well accepted that the processing power in iPad Pros…

What you need to know about Apple’s hotly anticipated developer conference

We’ve just had the opening keynote presentation for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2021. Apple holds this 5-day event once a year and it’s geared towards developers. Of course, there’s plenty of interest from everyone because we get to see Apple’s upcoming software features and developer tools.

The focus is usually on Apple’s operating systems and software services across all the devices they offer but it’s not uncommon to see hardware at this event. Recent developments in Apple’s product lineup led to this being the most anticipated WWDC in a long while.

However, if you missed this keynote, I have…

Is it even possible to make this accessory better?

The Magic Keyboard for iPad has been a huge game-changer in terms of how I use my iPad. Not only does it make the iPad Pro a true productivity machine, but it’s also improved the way I consume content on the tablet.

This is a very expensive accessory, especially if you look at what the third-party options cost, but I think it’s been worth every penny and I’ve only had it for just over a week.

As with all the tech I spend time using, I always question what the maker can do to improve the next version. Apple are…

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