The short answer is convenience

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Applications on iPhone and iPad are a massive component of why this smartphone has been so wildly successful over the last decade-plus. The diversity and quality of iOS and iPadOS applications is virtually impossible to match for any other operating system besides Android. Even Android took a while until the quality of apps matched those on iPhone — and those two operating systems launched at virtually the same time.

The lack of applications doomed smartphone operating system newcomers like Windows Phone and Samsung’s BadaOS (remember BadaOS?). I was an early adopter of Windows Phone, I really wanted Microsoft to get…

We need competition for the best products

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Probably the most exciting product announced at Apple’s September event was the newly redesigned iPad mini. The iPad mini gets a new industrial design that matches the iPad Pro and iPad Air models. The camera system got an upgrade, and it can now support the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. Much like the iPad Air, the new design doesn’t bring FaceID — instead, TouchID is integrated into the power button.

I’m not an iPad mini person, I prefer the bigger display options on the iPad Pro, but this is a very good upgrade for those who do love the iPad mini…

You can’t just leave the Apple walled garden

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For the first time in many years, I have been considering buying a smartphone that isn’t made by Apple. In fact, not just considering — I’d already decided my next upgrade will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Until I realised exactly what that would mean for the rest of my computing set-up.

A while back, I decided I’m not willing to put up with the iPhone 12 mini’s feeble battery any longer so I’d upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro Max whenever it launched. A few weeks on from that decision I walked into a Samsung store and was…

A foldable iPhone might just be too good

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I’ve fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. I recently saw it in person and played around with it and now I really want it to be my next smartphone. I’ve had enough of the iPhone 12 mini and its poor battery performance*.

I’m either getting the new iPhone 13 Pro Max coming out next week or the Z Fold3. After a long deliberation process, I’ve decided to go with the iPhone even though I think the Samsung smartphone is the more compelling device. …

Things got weird with iPhone X and iPhone XR

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The iPhone model names have been a bit of a mess ever since the iPhone 8 launched back in 2017. That year also saw the launch of the iPhone X. Despite most iPhone customers just calling it the iPhone ‘X’, Apple insisted this phone be called iPhone ‘Ten’ — X is Roman numerals for ten.

It seemed that Apple was transitioning to Roman numerals for the iPhone model names, especially when the iPhone XR launched the following year. Confusingly the X was to be said numerically (10) but the R was just to be said as R. …

Our minds are just not capable of coming up with completely new ideas

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Back when I started putting my work out online, I remember the advice was to create content that no one else out there has made. On the face of it, it makes sense — there is no shortage of great content online and why would the audience consume your stuff if it looks like someone else work.

Digging a little deeper and with a little more experience doing this, I’ve found this advice to be nonsense. Taken too literally, this idea that you have to have completely new ideas makes it unnecessarily difficult to make the content that you want…

Get some small productivity gains with these utilities

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At this point, I don’t think many apps can contribute too much to productivity on my MacBook. I have my workflows set and adopting new software and services will probably cost more time and effort than the productivity gains I’ll get. The software that marginally increases my productivity lately are utilities. macOS utilities are small programs that generally do a small specific task. They mostly live in the menu bar and can contribute hugely to productivity on the OS.

Here I want to share three utilities I’ve adopted over the last couple of months that have given me a small…

The screen protector impacts display clarity far too much

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Apple has increasingly made iPads more and more capable since they were introduced. The current versions of iPad Pros are great creative tools, content consumption devices and general productivity powerhouses.

I have been using my iPad Pro as a replacement for paper notebooks for a long time now. Paired with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is just better than paper notebooks on so many fronts. The biggest downside I could find with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo was the unnatural feeling of writing on glass.

So naturally, the Paperlike screen protector sponsoring some of my favourite tech…

Number one on the list is a high refresh display

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The iPhone 13 is only a few weeks away from being announced at this point. There hasn’t been an official keynote date, but it’s basically a certainty that Apple will release the next iPhone at some point in the fall. Generally, I upgrade my phone every two or three years, but the iPhone 12 mini has been a failed experiment. The battery life has been just terrible. This only became apparent once I stopped spending all my time indoors. I’ve also realised small phones are not that great. …

Gaming on the iPhone has come a long way

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Gaming on iOS has such an interesting history for a platform that’s not that old. The iPhone was a major disruptor in the mobile gaming space, among many other areas. There was a time when the gaming journalism world mocked gaming on the iPhone. That was until everyone realised far more people were playing JetPack Joyride on the iPhone compared to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PlayStation Portable.

Fast forward to 2021 and gaming on iOS is much more established and respected. There are titles on here that would give traditional console games a run for their money…

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